Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of the Blogging

Anyone who is thinking about starting a new blog would definitely ask a question to himself "Why Blog?" and what are the benefits of blogging? There are several alternatives to blogging, right?

Well, writing a new post is always been an enthusiastic endeavour to me. There are several benefits of blogging to your business and to you, even if it just a personal blogging experience.

I have personally experienced below mentioned benefits of the blogging with SMS Gallery Thanks to all those fellow bloggers and the lovely audience who helped me reach there.

Without further ado, let's quickly have a look at why we should blog and what are the benefits of the blogging:

1. Share your ideas with a large audience.

Share your ideas with the large audienceBlogging is a platform where you can express your innovative ideas to the audience all across the globe. A skilled photographer can reach his/her end-audience through a blog and gain all the fame he deserves.

One of the greater benefits of blogging is that it provides you a platform where you can reach millions of users and promote your explorations.

This vast ocean of online users will give you many blogging experiences and your product would be more refined and improved in the process.

2. Build your network.

Build your network
Through your blog posts, you will be communicating with the vast audience. Take this as an opportunity and build a strong network of your brand.

Express yourself as an expert in your area of work. To do so, you will have to constantly study and build the knowledge base. Share this valued information with your audience.

If you are on the right path, many people would like to subscribe to your blog for the righteous information with the facts you are providing. This way you will be creating a community of individuals who keep the same interest and have a great influence on the content you are sharing.

3. Earn money.

Earn MoneyWho doesn't love free money! We all do, right? One of the principal benefits of blogging is that it can earn money for you.

The content you post on the blog can earn money for you. But it's not that easy. You will have to provide quality content or services to visitors. The better your services, the more visitors you will likely have and earnings in return.

There are various options to earn money from your blog. If you have good writing skills, work as a content writer, or post ads on your blog and earn money by means of advertising, a blog owned by you can be sold for money, design premium templates and sell them for money, so on and so forth. We will have a deeper look at how we make money by blogging in another post.

4. Help others by sharing knowledge.

Help others by sharing knowledge
If you are good at problem-solving skills, help others by sharing your knowledge. It may help someone make his/her day better. Listen to the queries your visitors might have and provide them a solution.

It is said that knowledge grows upon sharing. It helps you grow. Through a knowledge sharing process, you involve yourself in a conversation and you open a new way to possibilities. You never know you may learn something in the process.

5. Blogging vs Social Media

Content is kingBlogging and social media, both will let you share content with the audience. However, they have different purposes and benefits of their own.

The substantial benefit of the blogging is that the content you post on the blog will stay there forever and is easy to access. Visitors can access it with the help of URL, link it or share it.

Social media can be thought of as a medium to share this content. It might let you reach the largest audience, but it is not easy to find the desired content through the vast list of posts coming on social networking platforms.

Besides networking, blogging let you build a stronger community and other benefits we discussed earlier. Social media can be used to connect the services you provide on your blog. I have written an article on How to Get Traffic to Your New Blog by using social media.

6. Create your brand

Create your brand
Turn your blog into a brand by providing creative services and quality content. Connect with your audience on a frequent basis, arrange events for visitors to participate in, get known in a community for the divergent services you provide.

These all are ways of building an effective brand name. It will help you get recognized as a brand and stand-out from the rest.

These are few primary and direct benefits of running a blog. To summarize, today we learned how blogging can create a difference in your life. Following are the benefits of blogging:

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Read our next article on how to write the first blog post.

Thank you! 😊

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