Top 5 Advertising Programs to Earn Money from

Top 5 Advertising Programs to Earn Money from

In our last post, we talked about monetizing a blog and earning money through various channels. Placing relevant ads in the content and sidebar is one of the easiest and traditional way of monetizing your blog. In this post, we are going to discuss top 5 advertising programs we can use for our blog as monetizing options.

If your blog has a good readership in greater extent these programs will start giving you earnings in no time. Though if your blog doesn't have visitors in greater volume, no need to worry about. Just keep on publishing content on a regular basis which readers would like to read. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Eventually, readers would come to your blog and make your advertising program successful. That was the story with my first blog. From no visitors to increased visitors which in return made my dream of earning money through my blog possible.

So without talking much further let's have a look at some of the top 5 advertising programs widely known in blogging sphere:

1. AdSense

It was so much of excitement when my first AdSense cheque was delivered to my address. Back then there was no Facebook, but I do remember that I posted my second cheque on my Facebook account though.  Later on, I had this opportunity to see the Adsense cheque couple of more times.

Google's AdSense Program was launched in March 2003 and was named as Content Targeting Advertising. It is so widely known than any other advertising programs and ranks #1 in the current time. Every new blogger who thinks of putting ads on a blog definitely tries their luck with the AdSense program.

Google AdSense is CPC (Cost Per Click) based program. Google pays to the blog owner when someone clicks on the ads. The ad content is entirely managed by Google and is relevant to the blog content most of the times(referred to as contextual ads). So the blog owner just has to place the HTML code provided by AdSense into the appropriate places.

2. is the #2 largest contextual advertising platform in the world in terms of revenue. They are the top #5 largest ad tech company in terms of market cap. With 800+ employees, offices in many countries and clients list ranging from Forbes, Meredith, MSN, Yahoo, Reuters to NY Daily News and many more.

The advertising program is easy to register and doesn't require waiting to get your account approved. There is no restriction on getting minimum traffic to your blog. It offers CPC based ads for publishers to display on their blog.

The minimum payout threshold is $100 and can be redeemed by Wire transfer or PayPal account.

3. Amazon CPM ads

Amazon CPM ads is a very good alternative to Google AdSense program. AdSense account has a longer approval process. Whereas Amazon CPM ads can be set up in no time with Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon CMP ads are based on CPM (Cost per thousand) method. Meaning you get a certain amount of money on displaying a thousand impressions of an ad. Irrespective of those ads are clicked or not.

Amazon is a great brand in itself to trust. Amazon CPM offers a monthly payout option. It lets you display ads from other networks in case there are no ads to display from Amazon.

4. Propeller ads

Propeller ads offer CPA(Cost Per Action), CPI(Cost Per Install), CPL(Cost Per Lead) and CPM based ads. It lets you optimize your ads to reach your maximal earning potential.

As they say on their website, Propeller ads have 700 million ad impressions on a daily basis, 100 thousand websites in their ad network, 4600 ad campaigns and 6000 active publishers.

You can display web, mobile,  and even video ads on your website. Propeller ads offer multiple payout options so the publisher does not have to wait for a long period to get paid. Propeller ads offer a real-time statistics to understand the best-earning source and which ads or web pages drive more income to the publisher.

5. Chitika

Chitika is another renowned name when it comes to deciding a qualitative advertising program for publishers. It was founded in 2003 and have won many awards for providing best advertising solutions in the industry.

Chitika displays ads based on the blog content. They claim to have a network of more than 350,000 quality publishers. They serve around 4 billion targeted ads per month and have access to top-tier advertising partners like Yahoo, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor.

The signup procedure is very easy and requires no waiting time to get your account activated. The payout options are amazing. A minimum $10 can be redeemed by PayPal account or you can wait for it to reach $50 and get paid by cheque.


We discussed top 5 advertising programs which we can use for our blog to monetize. So if any particular program didn't work on your blog, then you know that there several alternatives to try.

These programs are well renowned and can earn revenue irrespective of you are new to the blogging sphere or your blog has low or high volume traffic. 

Try these advertising programs in conjunction with one another, experiment a little and see what works best for you. In order to earn better revenue, build more traffic to your blog. More visitors replicates the chances of earning revenue through advertising channels. The key to the success here is quality content and regularity.

With that tip, I'll take your adieu. In our next article, we will discuss some of the top affiliate programs we could join and make money from it. Please like, share and comment if you like this blog post. Thanks! 👀

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How to Make Money by Using Your Blog

How to Make Money by Using Your Blog

Everyone one of us has at least read or heard of the blogger who started up from level zero and had made huge money by using their blog. Believe it or not, most of the bloggers out there today come up with the prime intention of making money online after hearing such stories.

Monetizing your blog through ad channels, referral programs and affiliate programs are some of the ways to earn money online. Also, it seems reasonable to share what you love with the rest of the world through your blog and in return earn money for it.

In today's time if your blog has a significant amount of traffic coming in, then there are good chances of generating revenue through this traffic. In this post, we will have look at what all are the possible methods through which we can make money by using our blog.

I have listed these methods in two categories:

I. Basic methods:

1. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising 

In Pay-per-click advertising, an advertiser pays to the blog owner when a displayed ad is clicked by the blog visitor. Pay-per-click advertising is also known by the term Cost-per-click.

A blog owner isn't paid until a user clicks on the ad. In other words, you will not make money for displaying ads but those have to be clicked by the visitors. Google Adsense program is a very good example of PPC advertising.

2. CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) advertising

Cost per thousand impressions as the term itself explains that a blogger gets paid for a thousand impressions of an ad from a blog page. An impression is nothing but a single occurrence of an ad in a web page.

So if a particular blogger charges $1 for 1000 impressions, he will receive $1 on completion of 1000 views of an ad. Amazon CPM is an example of CPM advertising.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a bit different from above two methods we discussed. It has a huge potential to make handsome money. Most of the renowned bloggers use this method as a primary source to make money through their blogs.

In an affiliate marketing, a blogger displays an ad or link for a sale of a product or service from the advertiser's website. On a successful sale of a service, a blog owner receives a certain share of the sale as his revenue.

4. Donations

Well, this is a bit grey area and this method may work and may not in some cases. It totally depends on your blog traffic and overall goodwill of your blog. If you have leadership and good bonding with readers it might work.

So usually a blogger places a PayPal link and asks readers to donate the blog owner. Of course, the approach has to be humble, your blog must add value to the readers and you must have a good relationship with the readers.

5. Blog Selling

You might have heard about the selling of the online businesses to a third party and earn a revenue through it. A recent story of a Flipkart (Giant eCommerce player in India) was sold to the Wallmart (a giant offline retail store chain in the US). Despite being the different business we are on the same ground of selling blog to the third party.
But it just doesn't work like that. Someone would buy your blog only if they feel it has potential and it would be beneficiary for them in future. So for it, you will have to work on making it popular and earn goodwill for the same.

II. Advance methods:

1. Writing a sponsored blog post or a review

A positive traffic flow to your blog brings all new channels of opportunities you can earn money through. Writing a detailed and factual review is one of them.

A sponsored blog post or a review which is up to the mark can convert your blog visitors from normal readers to a consumer. Additionally, you can generate a revenue through the lead you just converted. Though in order to earn readers trust a review has to be unbiased and based on the true facts.

2. Paid membership service

A paid membership service may include exclusive web pages which are password protected and available to members only. It also could be a premium series of emails sent to the members only.

If your blog is about providing solutions to the problems of the readers, a paid membership service might work just well in the course. You may think of providing exclusive solutions to the reader's problem which are scarcely available in the market.

Two key points to remember while providing paid membership service are:
Your service has to be superbly qualitative and users must feel it valued for the money they are paying.
There has to be regularity as how often a visitor will be able to use the service in a pre-decided time.

3. Sell ebooks, products or services

Selling ebooks, products or services which are relevant to your blog content may also generate revenue for you.

In this matter, WordPress like platform helps a lot to set up space for selling ebooks, digital services and even physical products. There are various plugins that make your job painless and assist you in the selling process.

4. Event marketing

Event marketing is nothing but promoting products, services or brand through personal interactions with the visitors. It could be in the form of webinar or live workshop.

Event marketing helps advertiser directly connect with their end user, it enables smooth flow of interaction, question and answers are exchanged in real time.

Arranging such events through your blog not only creates revenue channels but increases chances of getting larger exposure to your blog on the internet.


The basic methods to make money by using your blog are PPC advertising, CPM advertising, affiliate programs, donations and blog selling. These are widely used methods and may generate the least income as compared to advanced methods.

The advanced methods to make money by using your blog include writing sponsored reviews, paid membership service, selling products or services and event marketing. These are advanced methods and may require a setup on your blog. The earnings earned through these methods is higher as compared to the basic methods listed above.

Irrespective of basic or advanced methods you follow, we have to be on toes in terms of the quality of the services and the content. The success totally lies in the quality and consistency of your efforts.

Stay tuned for our next blog post and support me through your comments, shares and likes. Thanks!

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